The name Rising Esthers has the connotation that this is a time for Esthers to arise. Esther here is the name of a young beautiful Jewish girl that rose to become queen and stood up boldly to represent her people before the King.

The blog seeks to reach women and men to rise up in their kingly anointing and face situations boldly without flinching in the face of opposition.

Simply put this will be a healing centre. I will share primarily from my personal brokenness and will also give an avenue for others to share from their hearts about their own brokenness. Other bloggers can be given avenues to share as long as their goals align with those of the blog.

May God minister to those who visit this blog – whether they will be regular or one-time—fellow sojourners in this life, to make an impact to future generations.

Your Rising Esther Champion,

Joy Bett

Our Mission

To facilitate healing of the body, soul and the spirit through writing and coaching by giving hope to kings and queens arising in their God-given identity.

Our Vision –

To repair broken walls in families and relationships.