On the 26th of August on my personal Facebook page, I began walking through a series of #peelingthehypocritemask that shall culminate in a month’s time on September 26th 2017.

It is a journey of God’s grace working in my life. A journey of a work-in-progress; real progressive growth as a child of God and the King’s daughter. A journey of courageous living. I am who I am by God’s grace.

Today’s post is a continuation of these series being a word by word study of 1 John 4:18, which speaks about there being no fear in love. Granted, love is a humongous topic, but we’ll try to concentrate on this verse so that we can understand the truth of God’s word –  different from what the love of the world portrays.

We shall discuss it phrase by phrase:

1. There is NO FEAR in LOVE

Fear is the opposite of faith. In the Bible, ‘Do not fear’ appears so many times in the Bible, to mean that every day of the year we ought not to fear man but only fear God (that means to reverence Him). From our previous post, ‘Why are You Hiding?’ we discovered how fear came into the world. Adam and Eve ate the fruit, instantly knew they had sinned before God and hid from Him because they feared Him. Continue reading “PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR”


Sometime in the past, I perceived prayer as a demanding task. I thought about how I need special time to do it, a specific quiet location, preferably in the morning hours just before I started my day. Maybe God would see how I considered Him first before I got engaged in my busy day. And that would be the reason He would remember me throughout my day. Even if I didn’t get time to pray again till the end of the day.

You see for me, God seemed to be in a far off land, not easily accessible, so big and uninterested in the little details of my day-to-day. It seemed to me that it was necessary I go to Him perfect, clean and ready – not always saying sorry for small things. He had already forgiven me, why was I engaging in sin again?



love never failsI started attending church when I was quite young. I loved it. I said yes to salvation as soon as I could understand my great need for Jesus. I was young and I could only grasp a few truths at the time. I forget how many times I went to be prayed for to get saved again and again (after that first time), if only to remove the enormous guilt I felt for sinning one more (last) time! This was until I began to understand that my sins were forgiven once and for all and what was expected of me after that first time was to repent! Continue reading “HAVE WE BECOME TOO FAMILIAR WITH GOD?”