I started realizing the trend recently. My little toddler would disappear, or be eerily quiet and I would have to go searching for her in the bundus (we say that to mean unknown places here in Kenya – didn’t know until today that it’s actually a South African name). So one day, she’s in the house and I find her smiling ear to ear holding a tomato sauce bottle – if you can’t guess what she was doing – she had just had a filling of a good red thick drink. All I knew earlier was that she was eating her meal. I was shocked to say the least but all I could do was smile at her discovery. Apparently tomato sauce was now a cool drink. Her reaction was what surprised me most. She hid the bottle from me when I asked what she was up to. Presumably, she knew her actions were wrong – she was fearful of being exposed and shame was what she felt and voiced inwardly.

I have been through the cycle myself countless times in my lifetime. Let’s call it the triplet syndrome. Shame-Fear-Exposure. This syndrome has upcoming kings and queens hiding in the bundus (middle of nowhere) doing who knows what. Let’s break it down further.

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Response and ability. These two words seem to make up the word responsibility. How you respond to the events in your life; and how you utilize the ability you have at your disposal will ultimately determine how responsible you are.
From changing a toddler’s nappies, making a bed, to cleaning a mess that was made by someone other than yourself. These and many more events call for responsibility.
Imagine a football game where the two opposing teams never score because both teams could never hold ball possession until they score as a team. In such a match, it’s always about how “I have an injury, I can’t play” or “It’s John’s fault, he didn’t tackle well enough” or worse “After all I’ve done for this team, if they won’t consider giving me a pay rise, what’s the use?” The three looming enemies of responsibility : “Excuses club, Blame game and Complain mode” Channels.



Today, I watched a sad story of a lady who in less than one year has gone from a renown athlete to a deplorable state. All these questions about what happened for the situation to get to where it did, what can be done and who can help popped up in my mind.

“Understand that your current results are the direct outcome of the past. The past does not equal the future.” Excerpt from the book, Born to Achieve by David Muriithi

I think more disheartening than anything is people’s reaction to the story. Everybody has an opinion, an analysis about the causes for the problem or better yet a solution to offer. But like most stories, no one does anything good out of all the reactions.

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